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Business Checking

Find the perfect Business Account at CNB 
You’ve got enough going on running your business to worry about what kind of checking account you need, so we’ve taken the guesswork out of it for you. All of our business accounts can be opened with $100, and we know we’ve got one that will fit your business needs.
Open a New Business Account Today

Our online banking tools help make it easier to create and manage your business accounts. Get started today!

Basic Business Checking

With no monthly fees, no minimum balance, and free online banking, a Basic Business Checking Account is an excellent choice for your business.
Minimum opening deposit of $100.00.
No monthly fee with 100 items or less per month.
The first 100 items are free each month, thereafter $ .60 per item.
Free Digital Banking and free e-statements*
*There is a $5.00 per month fee for paper statements.

Small Business Checking

Keep your small business’s finances on track with the Small Business Checking Account.
Minimum Opening Deposit $100.00.
No Monthly Fee if $5,000.00 average daily balance is maintained*
The first 200 items are free each month, thereafter $ .60 per item.
Free Online Banking and free e-statements
*A $12.00 fee will be charged each statement period if the average daily balance for the statement period falls below $5,000.00.

Non-Profit Checking

Non-Profit Organizations such as clubs, charitable organizations, and religious groups can have a Non-Profit Checking Account.
No monthly service fee.
Minimum Opening Deposit $100.00.
Free Online Banking and free e-statements.

Business Interest Checking

Make your account work for you! The Business Interest Checking Account is ideal for Individual proprietorships and non-profit corporations.
Minimum Opening Deposit $100.00.
$12.00 monthly Fee. (See Fee Schedule for transaction fees.)
Free Digital Banking and free e-statements.
The interest rate is established at the discretion of the bank. The rate is applied on the investable balance. When the monthly statement is prepared, interest will be posted to the account, and item/activity fees will be charged.

Analysis Checking

Running a business is hard work, but banking for it doesn’t have to be. Open an Analysis Checking Account today!
Minimum Opening Deposit $100.00.
$14.00 Monthly Fee.
Free Online Banking and free e-statements.
  • Analyzed monthly, and the item/activity fees are subtracted from the earnings allowance on the investable balance in the account. (See Fee Schedule for transaction fees.)
  • Analysis statements are available each month to each customer receiving a service charge.
  • Multiple accounts of the same business may be consolidated for analysis purposes.
  • Accounts subject to service charges will be debited approximately the 10th of the month for charges due from the previous month’s activity.

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