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Find the perfect account.

Savings begins at any age. From our First Savers Account to our Money Markets, we’re sure that we can get you into a plan that will make investing for the future simple. We’ll help you invest because we are invested in you. The interest is a bonus.

Regular Savings

A savings account built to grow with you and for you. Experience saving made simple with a Regular Savings Account! With no minimum balance and no monthly fee, it could be the perfect fit.
$0 Minimum Balance (If the account balance is less than $100.00, there is a $1.00 fee per withdrawal in excess of six per quarter.)
Start it up with $25 and add as you go
Free Digital Banking with Mobile Deposit

Money Market Savings

Experience tiered savings rates, all with a lower minimum balance.
$1,000 Minimum Balance
No monthly fee with $1,000 average balance
Free Digital Banking with Mobile Deposit

First Savers

Help your little ones learn the benefits of saving for their future with the First Savers Account!
$0 Minimum Balance
No monthly fee
Free Digital Banking with Mobile Deposit
Savings account for those up to age 18. Upon 18th birthday, the account will convert to a regular savings account.

Christmas Club

The holidays shouldn’t be stressful. Financially plan so that you can enjoy the sweet moments and memories. Open the account with as little as $5 and take the financial stress out of holiday shopping.
$0 Minimum Balance
No monthly fee. Account matures on October 31st of each year and a check for the full amount is issued.
Free Digital Banking with Mobile Deposit
This account may have no withdrawals. If a withdrawal is required prior to October 31st, the account’s full amount must be withdrawn. This account is non-interest bearing.

Health Savings Account

Cheers to good health! Be prepared for whatever may come with a Health Savings account.
Health costs can add up. That’s why we believe the Health Savings Account can help you be prepared. HSAs earn interest, can have a debit card and checks, and are tax-exempt. This account qualifies for individuals and families covered by high deductible health plans (HDHPs). Here’s some more helpful information if this seems like a good fit for you! An HSA is an IRA-like account designed exclusively for covering medical expenses incurred by the HSA owner, the HSA owner’s spouse, and his or her dependents. HSA contributions (by the HSA owner) are excluded from taxable income. HSA earnings are tax-exempt. If used for qualified medical expenses, HSA assets are never taxed.
Earn interest on your savings
One-time set-up fee of $15. Monthly fee of only $2, waived with a $5000 minimum balance. Open with only $25 and deposit up to yearly limits.
Free Digital Banking and Debit Card

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Card Management

Card Management is an easy-to-use tool in our digital banking platform that lets you set card controls, add restrictions, and receive transaction alerts.