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Credit Card Services



As a CNB Visa or MasterCard holder, you have access to world-wide purchasing power, with the benefits of hometown customer service.

We have a new credit card program coming soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better, Visa or MasterCard?

  • Both are accepted worldwide so it is really just a personal preference.

I have no credit or bad credit. Can I still qualify for a card?

  • For those just starting to build their credit, or for those who have gotten off to a bad start, we may choose to offer you a "secured" credit card. This means a hold will be put on your CNB savings account for the amount of credit limit you request. Holds are generally for one (1) year, at which time your payment history will be reviewed to see if you then qualify for "unsecured" card status. (It is your responsibility to notify us when the year has passed, and a new credit report will be pulled to determine unsecured eligibility. Also, there is no guarantee the hold will be released at the one year anniversary date).

If approved, will my credit limit be increased periodically?

  • Your credit card is actually owned by Central National Bank, therefore we make it a policy to consider increases in credit limits on a case-by-case, customer initiated scenario. Credit limit increase requests authorize us to pull a credit report to determine your most up-to-date financial situation.

What should I do if my card is lost or stolen? 

  • As soon as you discover your card missing, contact the CNB credit card department at 918-649-2214. If it's after regular banking hours, contact the security department at FIS (Fidelity National Information Services 1-800-423-7503 ) so your card can be blocked. 

Can I make my payment at the bank?

  • This is one of the most valuable reasons for choosing a hometown bank credit card. Not only can you make your payment at the bank (saving mail time and possible misdirected mail), you can get answers to almost every question you have about your credit card account by speaking to a real person. Just call 918-647-2233, ext 2214. 

What if I forget my PIN?

  • PINs are security features designed to protect you. Issued when you receive your new card, these are computer generated numbers that are unknown to Central National Bank employees, or by our processor, FIS (Fidelity National Information Services). If you forget your PIN, we can have another one generated, but there will be a 7-10 day wait to receive it. 

What credit limit should I apply for?

  • We are not allowed to advise you on credit limits to apply for. Applications are reviewed by a loan officer and your request will either be: approved, denied, or counter-offered with a lower amount.

Credit Card Department CNB
  • Phone: 918-647-2233
  • Fax: 918-649-0339

Lost/Stolen Department (FIS)
  • 1-800-352-3678

Visa International
  • 1-800-336-8472 or collect: 1-410-581-9994

Customer Service (FIS)
  • 1-800-423-7503

Fraud Department (FIS)
  • 1-800-854-1557

Card Activation (FIS)
  • 1-800-543-5073

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