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Debit Card Services

  • Instant Issue Cards available at 5 locations
  • VISA Check/ATM Card
  • $500 cash daily (pin required)
  • $1500 purchases daily (use as a credit)
The availability of instant issue cards is limited to 5 branch locations (Poteau main bank, North Broadway Branch, Pocola, Heavener, & Stigler locations) For your convenience, you can call 1-800-567-3451 to change your pin number. You can also come into one of our 6 convenient locations to talk to one of our representatives about assisting you with a pin number change.
Report lost or stolen VISA Check/ATM cards, IMMEDIATELY! During banking hours, call your closest CNB location. After banking hours call VISA Check/ATM cards at 800-554-8969 or VISA/MASTERCARD credit card at 866-604-0381.
For more information during regular business hours contact a customer service representative at the CNB location nearest you. For your convenience, you may also contact CNB by filling out our 'Contact Us' form.

Frequently Asked Questions about Debit Cards. 

How do I activate my debit card?
  • For your convenience, you may call 800-567-3451 which is located on the sticker on the card when you receive it. If you have any trouble with the activation process we will be glad to assist you. Call a customer service representative at the CNB location nearest you during regular business hours. If you do not like the pin number that accompanies your debit card, you can call our 24 hour number at 800-567-3451 to change the pin number after activation. Make sure to have the card available to answer the security questions.

My debit card is not working, what do I do?
  • First decide if the card has been activated or if you are possibly over your limit, these are some of the main reasons your card may not be working. Remember there is a $1500 limit for daily purchases (use as a credit), and $500 cash daily (pin required) to be held until the item clears your account. If you are still experiencing trouble contact a customer service representative during regular business hours at the CNB location nearest you.

I don't remember my pin number, what do I do?
  • You have a couple of options: A. You can come in and see a customer service representative at the CNB location nearest you to set you up a new pin number. B. You can also call our number at 800-567-3451 to change the pin number any time of the day. You will have to have the card available to answer security questions to verify the user. You are also able to come into one of our six convenient locations with the card and one of our customer representatives will be glad to change it for you.

I have a balance in my account, why can't I use my debit card?
  • Purchases do not clear your account immediately. The dollar amount is held on your card until the item itself clears your account. This is the main reason why the balance at the ATM can differ from the bank balance.

Debit card fraud, what do I do?
  • First step is to contact the merchant. If they do not refund the charge the following steps need to take place in order for CNB to be able to do a VISA chargeback. 

CNB needs a signed letter containing the following:
  • your 16 digit debit card number
  • description of dispute & what steps were taken with merchant to resolve the dispute
  • the transaction amount
  • the transaction date
  • the merchants name
  • In a case of fraud your debit card will need to be turned into CNB along with a police report

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